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About VO

Interior design team is a group of enthusiastic interior designers and construction
experts. Smooth operation is guaranteed as we have been cooperating for long time. The
expertises of our team will deliver the highest value to you.


Retail Outlets
Food & Beverages Business
Residential furnishing projects


Professional and aesthetic interior design
Maximize space planning
tailor made furniture
Comprehensive project management
Consultancy service


If you have any potential projects, please contact us, we are welcome for free online
quotation and direct consultants Design solution, or you can though apps for

Tailor Made Furniture

我們相信不論大型住宅或小型窩居, 我们的顧客都有追求完美及度身訂造的家俬,為提供更貼身的訂造服務, 設計師不論在用料配搭及款式方面, 提供專業的意見
We believe space is where people interact with others, no matter that is a company or your loved ones. We care how you are going to live in that pieces of space, we therefore listen to what you wants, and we transform the understanding to make you a better piece of space to be in.

Styling service
當你在家居設計及佈置時感到困疑?在選擇設計師們提供個性化藝術顧問服務, 為家居增添色彩!
When you feel stuck in a design rut and are short of ideas (or even time). Our home stylists offer plenty of inspiration.